Molly is an artist and inspired photographer who captures a moment in time and a lifetime of moments in a single picture. She is authentically present to the person she is photographing and creatively uses her wisdom, knowledge and skills to reveal the heart of her subject. Molly’s results are astonishing! You will love what she reveals about you. Try it, you’ll like it!"

~Mary Ann Morgan, Retired Death Education Consultant


"Molly, the photos from the chaotic photo shoot with Granny are AMAZING. They are hilarious and beautiful!"

~Anna B.


"Wowzers!  This is straight up amazing! Looks great Molly!  Wanted to let you know that the shoot made a real impression on my gran, which is amazing considering her state of dementia. She's been asking after you and is eager to see the photos. Pretty amazing stuff right there."

~Bonnie Goodden


"Molly is reliable, trustworthy, thoughtful and creative.  I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with her on a number of different projects and I have always found her sensitive to my needs, realistic and flexible and above all an excellent photographer.  I recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding artist who is practical, and a problem solver who makes things happen on time and on budget."

~Frances Pairaudeau, event planner


"Molly is a gifted photographer, and a joy to work with. I have benefited from her excellent work both as a portrait photographer and as an event photographer who can put subjects at ease and capture lovely human moments that tell stories. The exhibition that we worked on together in 2008, Heroes of the New Economy, produced signature Molly Miksa images that continue to be exhibited with pride at the renowned Centre for Social Innovation."

~Chris Lowry


"Molly brings to her assignments a creative flare that captures the messages that we want to communicate in a simple but compelling manner. Her attention to detail, innovation and creativity are all hallmarks of her work and talents."    

~Kent Bassett-Spiers, CEO Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation


" I am lucky to have known Molly since she was a budding photographer at York University.  She was, and continues to be, a profoundly creative and enthusiastic force.

Void of pretension and a true artist armed with great skill, Molly's joy in her subjects and genuine curiosity about her craft create amazing photos and portraits. She has shot me at different times over the years and given me treasured experiences and many stunning photos."

~Adam Robinson, documentary subject


"There's a reason I keep coming back to Molly for headshots. She's both personable and professional, and she always makes sure that you have the shots  you need."

~John Paul Farahat, organist


"Molly has consistently delivered interesting, quality photos that capture the essence of the subject. As an editor it is an absolute delight to work with someone who not only gives me lots of options, but delivers photos that tell a story about the person. She also makes all of our profile subjects feel comfortable during the shoot and they are always happy with the result!  Dandyhorse is very lucky to have someone like Molly to work with!"

~Tammy Thorne, editor, Dandyhorse Magazine


“Thanks Molly for all your effort, dedication and help.  I am sure you go multiple steps ahead of any expectation!!”

                                   ~Juan Gutierrez Mejia, student (Portrait Photography)


"On budget, on time and on the mark!  Always pleased with Molly’s ability to create photographs in challenging situations."

~Ariel Estulin, graphic designer




“Molly has provided me with family portraits and head and shoulders shots for business purposes. She is a dynamic, multi-talented photographer who produces bright, colourful, high quality photos filled with the elusive visual quality of love. Love shines in her images because she so clearly enjoys what she does. The resulting pictures are a joy to show my clients and friends, often eliciting a smile or laugh at the spontaneous humour that comes from a photographer who can work on the fly, letting her subjects be themselves as she captures their innate beauty. Hers is a rare combination of gifts perfect for her chosen medium.”

~Chris Benjamin, Freelance Writer