Printer: Game on.

Ah printing, but how I have missed you! 

I am delighted to introduce a new addition to my team - a brand new, beautiful Epson printer, the P800!  My previous printer, the Epson 3880, bit the dust not long before I moved to London (almost 2 years ago) and I have been living without a photo printer from then until now. 

Printing my own images has been a point of pride in my photographic career.  I have a great love of the natural-fibre (mostly cotton) papers I use and the warm deliciousness with which they reproduce colours.  These papers have texture and smell and vibrancy that standard photo papers cannot compete with.  I am so happy to be able to use these papers again, to use my skill in printing on them and to be able to see my prints brought to life in the best possible way.  And I am thrilled to be able to offer fine art printing services to my clients.  While I have appreciated the good work of the photo labs I've been working with, I do look forward to being there, watching and listening as my prints make their way into the world. 

I should also say that so far the P800 has been all aces.  No issues with set up, production smooth and unblemished.  (This has not always been the case with my past printers.)  It puts a sweet smile of non-stress on my face!

Ask away if you have any questions about fine art printing services or shoot me a message if you just want to geek out with me over ICC profiles and Hahnemühle's latest paper offerings. 

Here's to you, P800!  May our life together be long and uncomplicated.