Older Adults in Rounder Frames

I have been continuing to photograph seniors/older adults over the summer and it continues to be both enjoyable and educational for me.  Most exciting is working with people I've known all my life (parent's friends and friends' parents), getting to see people I've known for so long in a new light.  It's also fascinating hearing comments from various family members on the same pictures.  What a mother sees in her own face can be quite different from what her daughter sees.  There are so many shades of character, family resemblance and history at play, so much more than the photographer can be aware of. 

I've also found myself drawn to round frames this year.  They're classic and they're wonderful for bringing focus onto the subjects and getting rid of possibly distracting details on the periphery.  I am working on perfecting my round mat cutting skills as well - not such an easy feat, but at least I have a fancy tool for the job!